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September 10th, 2015 | Posted by PFLAG Nashville

Hey Nashville PFLAGers!  If you’re viewing this page on a mobile device, or you’ve been on our page in the last few days from a mobile device, you’ve probably noticed we’ve spruced some things up and made them more “mobile friendly.”  Actually, the transition is called making the site “responsive.” (That’s just a fancy way of saying that as the site shrinks down to fit on your mobile device, it behaves in a way that is better and more easy to use.)

Website ConversionWe’re very thankful to the guys over at Ataki Solutions for their excellent work of taking our fabulous website (designed and coded by PFLAG Nashville member and friend, Nathan Grimes) and making it “responsive.”

You may be asking, “but why did you have to do this?  I thought the site looked just fine!”  Well, our friends over at Google announced a few months back that sites that do not have a responsive design would start showing up less frequently (and less frequently until not at all) in their search results when viewed from a mobile device.  This is because they want the mobile device users to see websites that have taken the time and effort to make their sites “responsive” (and thereby, more easily used on a mobile device) in the search results first, essentially praising them for making things more “user-friendly” to the mobile-viewing folk!

You’ll be surprised to know that compared to this time last year, we saw a decrease in visits from users visiting the page on a mobile device by almost 20%!  This is because Google stopped showing our site as a top-ranking result when you’d search for us on your mobile device, searching for things like “gay support group,” or “my child came out as trans.”   But now that we’ve launched this brand new site, Google will return us to our rightful place among the results!

Whether you’re on a mobile device or a full-size desktop, we invite you to take a few minutes to peruse the pages found here and let us know what you think.  Shoot us an e-mail at should you have any comments or suggestions.

-Michael Reding – PFLAG Nashville Webmaster

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