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March 1st, 2006 | Posted by PFLAG

As seen in The Tennessean

To the Editor:

Denver Schimming’s letter, “Heterosexuals have ‘dysfunctions’ also,” March 30, hits the nail on the head. A quick perusal of the news attests to the fact that all people, whatever orientation, race or sex, have issues. I would say that the majority of the problems of the gay community stem directly from the constant demeaning of their lives by so-called Christian people, without having known them. Don’t write me about having no “family values:” I am a recovered Southern Baptist and in Sunday School and church every Sunday.

What really disturbs me is how some citizens and representatives of our state government ignore the precept of “liberty and justice for all.” The gay community has been judged guilty with no proof and no trial.

My gay friends are good citizens, good friends, pay their taxes and comply with all citizenship requirements; so why are they not entitled to live and participate in any and all the activities of the community?

No good reason.

Gene W. Floyd
Nashville 37221

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