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January 3rd, 2005 | Posted by PFLAG

Media serving the LGBT community in Nashville have been unfailing in their support of PFLAG. In cooperation with Church Street Freedom Press, we were able to sponsor a series of full color, full-page ads featuring celebrities and gay members of their families ( Xenogeny featured our own H.G. Stovall and his mother, Gayle, on the cover of their issue near Mother’s Day. Out and About has been consistently supportive and helpful to us for years now.

We were again the beneficiaries of funds raised by one of the summer Straight But Not Narrow concerts, and First Church Unity surprised us with a special offering of almost a thousand dollars. Our friends at the Brooks Fund at the Community Foundation stay in touch with us and offer assistance as we plan for the future. Recently, our friends at Diversity Builder ( set up a Yahoo Group for us that will enable us to carry on discussion and planning between meetings. We are truly blessed by the relationships we have in the community.

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